TDG: The world of digital dating

TDG: Digital Dating

Online dating has long been a controversial topic, so it’s time to start a conversation about it. I caught up with digital dating coach & expert, Stacy Karyn, to find out what exactly her interesting career involves…

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It’s a funny thing about life – it always seems to have other plans for you. A couple of months ago, I started Zeitgeist Journal because I wanted to feature stories about travel & life with people all around the world… and then my own travel plans and life got in the way. So I apologise for disappearing for a little while.

I will tell you all about my spectacular holiday to New Zealand in a different blog post, because I think it’s one worth sharing, but this post is about Stacy.

A couple of months ago now, I got in touch with Stacy who is a digital dating coach from Berlin. I was curious about her career choice because I’ve always shied away from online dating. I’ve occasionally taken it upon myself to swipe left or right for my friends on their Tinder profiles, but that is it.

I couldn’t explain my aversion to online dating, but as I was speaking to Stacy, I wondered if it was because I didn’t know anything about it. How do I start? What do I do? What photos should I include? As they say, knowledge is power.

So I decided to dabble in digital dating, and finally agreed to download the tinder app. If I’m being honest, online dating is still not my cup of tea, but at the very least, I am now an expert on how tinder works.

Since we’re all digitally connected these days, I thought it was time to open up a proper dialogue about online dating. Whether you’re for or against it, it is a part of how people connect these days. Read on to discover how Stacy became an expert in the field of digital dating, helping people like you and me navigate romance in the modern age.

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Name: Stacy | Currently in: Berlin
Tell me a bit about yourself

Well, I’m originally from California and I developed a strong need for travel and excitement pretty early on! The entirety of my 20’s has been spent moving from country to country, switching careers, traveling, meeting new people, starting new businesses, and basically doing everything in my power to avoid any sense of normality. It was only about six months ago that I decided to settle down a bit in order to increase my income and stability (the “9 to 5” thing still not being an option).

After helping a few of my friends and family members with their online dating profiles, I started to seriously consider the idea of digital dating coaching. I have always loved writing and I knew for a fact that online dating can really work (since I was able to meet the man of my dreams this way), so I figured I would give it a shot! Turns out it was a pretty good decision.

How do you spend your days? 

Although my workload varies each day, I’ve developed a flexible schedule in order to give myself some sort of routine. In the morning, I generally check my inbox before doing anything else, just to make sure that there is nothing urgent in need of my attention. I then have breakfast and coffee with my boyfriend, do a bit of yoga and meditation, shower, and begin my workday around 9:30.

A lot of my day is usually spent in front of the computer, so I try to take at least one or two breaks an hour in order to stretch and give my eyes a rest. Although I try to complete everything by 6:00, I do sometimes end up working for a bit longer.

What exactly does being a digital dating coach / online dating profile writer involve?

I basically offer personalized services designed for anyone who is having little to no success with online dating. Most of my services revolve around writing online dating profile content in order to digitally present each client in the best way possible. Although I’m currently globally based, I would love to offer in-person dating coaching sessions and workshops in the future.

What motivated you to become a freelancer?

Mainly my goals of frequent travel and sustainable freedom. My boyfriend and I have lived in five different countries over the last few years and this type of lifestyle would basically be impossible to continue if I wasn’t a freelancer.

What’s the best thing about what you do?

I love hearing success stories! Helping people find love is the whole reason that I do what I do, and positive feedback inspires me to continue working towards the perfection of my craft.

And the worst?

Sometimes I miss having the social connections that come with having a normal day job. Most of my day is spent alone with my computer. But, it’s a small price to pay in order to have all of the other perks.

You must get some strange requests for your services… any stories you can share?

Every once in a while I get requests from married men who want a dating profile written for them. But, I always politely decline. If I start ignoring my values just to make a few bucks, I’m not so sure that I’ll still like what I do.

If you weren’t a digital dating coach, what would you be?

Since my degree is in theatre, I’ve already been doing a bit of theatre education on the side. So, I would probably go all in with teaching additional drama classes and taking part in more theatre projects.

How would you define success?

I will consider myself to be successful when I have officially obtained enough freedom (time-wise and financially) to pursue the things that make me happy on a daily basis. It’s not about how much money you make, but rather what you are able to do with the time and money that you do have.

What’s one thing on your bucket list?

I would like to become fluent in a third language. Learning German has really opened up amazing opportunities for connecting and building relationships with people who I would have never been able to communicate with before. Language is such a powerful life tool.

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You can get in contact with Stacy here or why not check out another story from The Daily Grind.

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