50 People #10: Maliblue My Mind

50 People #10: Maliblue My Mind


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50 People #9: Geek Girl Goes


“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” But isn’t that just incredibly exciting?”

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50 People #8: How to be a tech-savvy traveller with Shiv

Technology is rapidly simplifying and enhancing the way we travel. No longer do you need a city map to get around – you can just pull out your smart phone. You don’t just have to rely on restaurant recommendations from a friend, you can ask the whole internet community what they think… Continue reading 50 People #8: How to be a tech-savvy traveller with Shiv

50 People #7: Sofia na Australia

50 People #8: Sofia na Australia

At only six weeks old, Sofia’s parents could already tell that she would have an adventurous spirit. They weren’t wrong. At sixteen she was gallivanting around islands by herself. A few years later she moved to Australia to be with the man she loved. Now she’s just had her own baby. But that hasn’t slowed her down. She still lives an incredibly active lifestyle, exploring Australia like you wouldn’t believe. Continue reading 50 People #7: Sofia na Australia

50 people #6: Where’s Clair?

50 People #7: Where's Clair

 Working nine to five, what a way to make a living… Or in Clair’s case how she spends her days when she’s not traipsing halfway across the globe. Continue reading 50 people #6: Where’s Clair?

50 People #5: Offbeat Journeys with Bas

50 People #5: Offbeat Journeys with Bas

Art and travel go together like bread and butter. Avid photographer and travel enthusiast Bas knows this better than anyone. He’s been travelling and taking photos for years. Although, he’s still unsure whether his travels inspires his art or his art inspires him to travel. Continue reading 50 People #5: Offbeat Journeys with Bas

50 People #4: Backpacking with Gab & Maya

50 People #4: Gab & Maya

Musicians. Vegans. Travellers. You would think it impossible to find a more interesting couple than Maya & Gab from Quebec. They met whilst they were both still in school, and were immediately attracted to each other. Six years on, they’re still playing music together, doing shows and have just spent the last year backpacking through South America. Continue reading 50 People #4: Backpacking with Gab & Maya

50 People #3: Niko & Cynthia

50 People #3: Niko & Cynthia

If you thought packing your suitcase for a 10 day cruise round the Maldives was hard, try packing for a five year trip across 6 continents.

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50 People #2: Andi on adventure

50 People #2: Andi on Adventure

At age 51, Andi quit her job in aviation sales, rented out her condo, got rid of her “stuff”, and left her life in the US to start over. After floating around Southeast Asia for a few months, she stumbled into a new life in Taiwan and has been there ever since. Continue reading 50 People #2: Andi on adventure